Alicja Skraburska

Global Cybersecurity Lead, HSBC

Alicja has over 12 years of both technical and leadership experience in Cybersecurity space. Her expertise in identifying vulnerabilities, implementing robust security measures, and conducting thorough risk assessments earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor in the industry. Throughout her career, Alicja has worked with a diverse range of clients, including international government agencies, financial institutions, and multinational corporations. She has led numerous cybersecurity projects, helping organizations fortify their digital infrastructure against cyber threats and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Alicja was involved in building various Security Operations Centers and it's services along with improving security posture for large enterprises. Alicja holds MSc degree as a graduate of Macrofaculty of Automatic Control and Robotics, Electronics and Computer Science at Silesian University of Technology. She gained various of cybersecurity and technical certificates and her area of interest is cybersecurity incident response and forensics, R&D of cybersecurity services along with cyber-strategy creation and/or enhancement for large enterprise. Beyond her professional endeavours, Alicja is also passionate about raising awareness about cybersecurity and educating individuals on best practices for online safety. She actively contributes to online forums, delivers presentations, and writes articles on cybersecurity-related topics, aiming to empower individuals and organizations to protect themselves from cyber threats. She promotes cyber awareness by building and leading various virtual security communities, serves a mentor role (with a focus of women in cyber career growth) and is a guest lecturer at University of Economy in Krakow.

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